Sponsoring a show or partner is easy. See below.

How to Sponsor

(1) SPONSORSHIP: Rates are as follows: 1 Channel exclusive is $300 per month, 2 Channels are $575 per month & 3 are $850 Per month

What do you get for sponsorship: Exclusive airing of your message for that particular channel. You get detailed analytics at the end of each month.

(2) LIVE STUDIO SHOWS: Pay Per Play is $5 per play (choose your show, a minimum of 4 is required.) All these plays are executed on a same day basis.

(3) PARTNER STREAMS: Exclusively sponsoring a partners stream is $750 per month. Co Share sponsoring X 3 Sponsors is $300 per sponsor per month.

All Advertisers and sponsors receive detailed analytics at the end of each month/week showing the results of their marketing/advertising on our platforms. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Purchase your Sponsorship below: