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Our Terms

Our Cancellation Policy
We have a 14 day cancellation policy, if you are not fully satisfied with the service. You are entitled to a refund minus ths minutes consumed, we will mail you a cheque. All refunds will be processed by our team after you have filled out a refund request on our web site. The process takes about one to two weeks to process. If you are outside of Barbados we refund the credit card, you used to process the initial order.

The Network
We pro-actively monitor our servers for any inappropiate behavior and report any attacks to the appropiate autorities, of the originating attacks country.
Your account comes with 2 connections that can be used with your mobile and desktop Sip softphone, we do monitor to ensure your connections are complying with our terms.You are warned in the first instance for inappropiate behavior, second warning is a 2 week account suspension, third is a banning of your account, no refund, no re-entry to our network.
If you have any questions Please check the Live support button between 8.30 am and 6.00 pm Monday through Friday & Saturday 9. am to 1. pm, Closed on Saundays.

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