PGP Phonezs Services

We are a secure wireless services provider that, provides a full array of voice and hosted mobile wireless services that is reliable, affordable, and tailored to fit your secure needs.
Protect your trade secrets, business assets, and digital privacy to enjoy risk free mobility.

Fully Encrypted Smart phone
Secure Messages & Calls App
Centralized Security Command Center
Advanced risk resolution
No user data is stored on our servers to make the misuse 100% impossible.

Person to Person Mobile Plans

P2P (extension) calls is done by one tenant to another on the same server. The message exchanges are consistent with conversational messaging across our system. We provide greater certainty and consistency across the messaging ecosystem to ensure that you can originate and terminate your calls in our system. We use establish voip Best Practices definitions of tenant to tenant wireless messaging traffic around the concept of Consumer VOIP operations.
You enjoy a variety of features without extension fees to increase the cost. Your calls are confined to our ecosystems, AKA you cannot make outside (PSTN) calls with this.plan.
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On and Off Network Phone Calls

All the features outlined in our P2P+5 mobile plans, we have however added the ability to make PSTN phone calls All over the world
(1) Accounts come with a dedicated (location selected) phone number.
(2) Unlimited talk, text & picture messages anywhere in the world.
(3) Unlimited texts.HD Voice (on network) & Wi-Fi Calling.
(4) 5000 minutes of shared minutes per month (just call us for a refill. $$ apply).

Enjoy the benefits of fully secure calls between devices registered on our servers. Our communications app ensures that all of your business and private conversations is safe by default.

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WebRTC Services

Have all your communications in one place, from video and audio calls to text and chat. Have the ability to do it all from your browser in one place.
WebRTC is a HTML5 specification that you can use to add real time media communications directly between browser and devices. Simply put: WebRTC enables for voices and video communication to work inside web pages. And you can do that without the need of any prerequisite of plugins to be installed in the browser.

Take your extension anywhere in just one place. No individual installs, no individual updates, on the cloud and everywhere you go, all in one place. Our WebRTC client with all of the features you need when using WebRTC.

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NOTES: Your Data
We absolutely DO NOT sell your data, we DO NOT perform any data mining on our network. This is one of the primary reasons we started this network.
Our External network services run on T Mobile.
Number Porting is available

Network Coverage
Coverage of our Mobile Network: Barbados (P2P only) Entire USA, Canada,UK & Europe
US Data plans with esim coming shortly.

Our VPN & Network cluster
All accounts come with FREE access to our VPN network. Download our VPN client We have a 15 node cluster that can handle 10K concurrent connections to our network. Terraform (Cloud automation) was used to automate creating our clusters and test 200K concurrent connections, client nodes.


Phonezs Mobile Plans

Choose the best plan that fits your budget.

APP Downloads


ANDROID SkyPhone VOIP Softphone
Zoiper Softphone App
Ring Central


Zoiper Softphone
Bria Soptphone
Linphone Softphone

(3) DOWNLOAD VPN Clients

Android VPN Client
iOS VPN Client
Windows VPN Client

esim Mobile Phonezs

Samsung S22

X50 2021
Samsung S22 Plus

Samsung S22 Ultra

Apple 12 & Up

Samsung S22

Esim enabled
Preconfigured Apps
Price =$

Samsung S22 Plus
Esim enabled
Preconfigured Apps
Price =$
Samsung S22 Ultra
Esim enabled
Preconfigured Apps
Price =$
Apple 12
Esim enabled
Preconfigured Apps
Price =$
Purchase Samsung S22
Purchase Samsung S22+
Purchase Samsung S22 Ultra
Purchase Apple 12

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