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About Us

We are a live streaming company based in barbados, we provide live events as they occur in barbados and around the world, in conjunction with our world partners. We produce daily programming (monday through Friday 6Am to 9PM, and special events on saturdays) for our TV channel, we try to make it as unique and exciting as we can. We provide programming across ALL digital media including Smart Devices (including TV's),our websites and some social media platforms.

On your TV

We provide an IPTV based monthly/yearly service of 300 channels (local and international content) for your ALL your smart devices including TV, Cell phones and tablet devices. All the content played live on our local TV channel is available 1 hour after broadcast, along with all the international channels including sports, movies, kids channels and more. Subscription TV Sign UP.


We provide live instream video advertising (pre & mid rollmax 10MB in size, mp4 & mov format). Banner ads in jpg & png format. All advertising campaigns are pre paid for a minimum of 6 months. Our support can be as quick as 60 minutes to get a response. All advertising campaigns are setup within 24 hours upon receipt of payment. We provide weekly website & campaign advertising analytics via email.

Instream Ads

Instream Video Ads (Pre & Mid roll) are $100 for per month (0nly 35 available).
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Banner Ads

Image ADS (JPG & PNG) are $30 for per month (0nly 20 available).
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IPTV Access

Advertising Combo digital devices are $120 per month (0nly 35 available).
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